Last date for submission of manuscripts for Volume:2, Issue:1 (January to June 2024) is 30 April 2024.     |     

Managing Editors

Managing Editors


Prof. Ajay Prakash Khare

Principal, C.M.P. Degree College, Prayagraj-211002, U.P. India

Email:, Mobile: +91 95756 83583


Dr. Sunanda Das

Associate Professor & Former Convenor, Department of Chemistry,

C.M.P. Degree College, Prayagraj, U.P. India

Email:, Mobile: +91-9335155007

Managing Editors

Dr. Jitendra Kumar

Mob. +91-9760049102 (Humanities)

Dr. Priya Soni Khare

Mob. +91-9450622106 (Humanities)

Dr. Vijay Pratap Singh

Mob. +91-9451373143  (Science)

Dr. Punit Kumar Singh

Mob. +91-9415812077 (Library)

Dr. Jyoti Verma

Mob. +91-9452789500 (Science)

Dr. Yadvendra Singh

Mob. +91-7754009768  (Mathematics)

Dr. Renu Singh

Mob. +91-94125 26727 (Law)

Dr. Anjani Kumar

Mob. +91-94156 11844 (Commerce)

Dr. Dilip Singh

Mob. +91-94528 80330 (Humanities)

Dr. Rachana Srivastava

Mob. +91-95982 78514 (Humanities)

Dr. Harishchandra Yadav

Mob. +91-94554 71959 (Science)

Dr. Rekha Srivastava

Mob. +91-96702 97249 (Science)

Dr. Neerja Kapoor

Mob. +91-94504 05611 (Science)

Dr. Abha Tripathi

Mob. +91-98388 09488 (Humanities)

Dr. Deepa Srivastava

Mob. +91-94527 97906 (Science)

Managing Editor (ICT)

Dr. Govind Gaurav

Assistant Professor, Department of Political Science, C.M.P. Degree College, Prayagraj

Email:, Mobile: +91-9565810473

Kindly send your papers/manuscripts on the following E-mail ID only: