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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) 

Ques: How do I submit my article? 

Ans: The author(s) should send the manuscript(s) via the following e-mail id: 

Ques: How much does it cost to publish in the Research Communications journal?

Ans: There is no publication charge. We charge a subscription fee only, i.e. for Indian authors is Rs 1000/- (One Thousand Rupees Only), and for non-Indian authors is US $50 (Fifty Dollars Only).

Ques: What is the process for paying the subscription charge? 

Ans: You must transfer the subscription charge directly to the mentioned account number only.

Ques:  How much time does it take to publish the research paper? 

Ans: It is a bi-annual journal, so it will take six months to publish each issue, i.e. January to June and July to December. 

Ques: Does Research Communications Journal provide guidelines for preparing a journal article? 

Ans: Research Communications provides guidelines for preparing the journal article/ Research  Paper/ Manuscript/Review articles etc.

The general guidelines are as follows:

Language: The manuscript will be in English for Science, Mathematics and Computer  Science and in Hindi / English for Humanities, Commerce and Law. 

Length of paper: The paper should be at most 12 pages (including abstract, references,  tables & diagrams). 

Style: Articles should be typed in single space (single preferences); the font should be Times  New Roman, 12 points (for English) and Arial Unicode MS, 14 points (for Hindi). Title: Use bold, 14 points (at a maximum of 30 words). List the author’s and co-authors’  affiliation (Department, Institution/ University, City, Country, e-mail ID) in 12 points. Keywords: provide a maximum of 8 keywords 

References: Author(s) should follow the latest edition of APA style in referencing. Please visit to learn more about the APA style. 

Note: For more details, kindly visit the Author Related page on our webpage.

Ques: What is an acceptable percentage of plagiarism? 

Ans: In a research paper, at most, 10% of plagiarised matter is acceptable. 

Ques: After publication, what if my article is found plagiarised or stolen?

Ans: Research Communications is firmly against plagiarism. If the claim is proven, your article/  research paper will immediately be removed from the index. 

Ques: How will I get the soft copy of the published paper? 

Ans: Once your paper is published, you can directly download the softcopy of the Published paper from CURRENT ISSUE on the HOME Page.

Ques: Do you print or send hard copies of the journal for authors? 

Ans: No, this is an online journal and does not have a print version. 

Ques: My question is not listed above..!!! 

Ans: You can write us about your query at: We will be happy to serve you better. 



Research Communications

Kindly send your papers/manuscripts on the following E-mail ID only: